What Now?

A traumatic incident such as a crime scene, gross filth situation, suicide, or other scenario that leaves infectious or hazardous materials in it's wake, can be a very emotional and stressful situation for all parties involved. It is pertinent that the affected area be cleaned and decontaminated as effectively and as promptly as possible. Federal and OSHA requirements and guidelines require that these scenarios are handled with extreme caution by crime scene cleanup professionals, and that infectious and hazardous materials are removed, transported, and disposed of accordingly. Failure to follow these requirements and guidelines can actually result in not only hefty fines, but in jail time as well. This type of work should be left to trained and qualified professionals with the proper permits, knowledge, and resources to do so.
24 Hour Emergency Cleanup Services is the premier provider of this type of cleaning service. 

24 Hour Emergency Cleanup Services LLC, will work with your Home, Business, or Property Insurance provider to ensure that our services are covered in your policy. And in most cases, they are. And please remember that we offer free on-site advice and no-obligation estimates. Before any work is performed, we evaluate each unique situation and discuss options, cost, and services to be performed with you personally.  We accept all major forms of payment (checks, cash, credit card), and we are happy to consider a price situation that works for all parties involved.

If you are certain that the service you are hiring is fully compliant with all OSHA and Federal guidelines and requirements, and possesses all the proper permits, documentation, and resources to decontaminate, transport, and dispose of infectious and hazardous waste and materials, then everything should be fine. When it comes to hoarding and clutter we are sensitive to your situation, and we will work with you directly to ensure that your personal effects and property are treated with discretion and professionalism.

CAUTION: Please remember that YOU could be liable as the hiring party if these services do notfollow these strict requirements and guidelines, and something such as illegal material transport and disposal goes wrong.
There are many so called "Crime Scene Cleanup Companies" or "Crime and Trauma Cleanup Services", that are nothing more than part time operations or sub-contractors with no credentials or knowledge of procedures or guidelines.
24 Hour Emergency Cleanup Services strictly adheres to all Federal and Osha requirements and guidelines, and posesses all the necessary credentials to provide our services.