About Us

Started in Wisconsin's Waukesha County,
24 Hour Emergency Cleanup Services specializes in the cleanup and decontamination of  the aftermath  of crime scene, suicide, hoarding, gross filth, trauma incidents, human and animal decompositions or mess, and a variety of other unfavorable or unforseen circumstances and situations. 
We are trained to be sensitive to each unique situation, and when it comes to situations like hoarding or clutter, we do NOT judge.

24 Hour Emergency Cleanup Services services the affected area with specific attention to detail, while removing blood or any other infectious materials. We transport and dispose of these materials safely and in accordance with Federal requirements and guidelines. In a hoarding or clutter situation we work WITH you, to ensure you are comfortable with the process of reorganizing your living situation.

Unlike so called ""Crime and Trauma Cleanup Companies"" in the area, 24 Hour Emergency Cleanup Services does NOT sub-contract other companies, and we are NOT a part time operation. We strictly adhere to all Federal and OSHA requirements and guidelines, and possess all of the necessary credentials to provide these biohazard cleaning services.

With a local reputation for customer service and reliability, 24 Hour Emergency Cleanup Services has you covered. We are available 24 hours per day, 365 days per year, to take your call and can be on our way to meet with you at your location within an hour. We have numerous references available, and we know that you will be pleased with what they have to say.

Whether it's your home, office, place of business, or any other environment, 24 Hour Emergency Cleanup Services has the knowledge, experience, and resources to assist you with taking that first step toward getting things back to normal.